Desk Research: Situation of the Citizens 50+ on the Labour Market and the Required Skills

The main objective of the research phase is to identify the situation of the citizens 50+ on the labour market and the required skills by employers. The target group of this research are those that are employed already but lack of certain skills, so they are in danger of losing their job and also unemployed people over 50 years old.  The desk-research will serve as a starting point for the development of the teacher’s book and training materials. For this, it is necessary to know the labour market situation for those over 50 years old; what competencies they have, what competences are demanded, and what risks are they facing. The desk research has been complemented with in-depth interviews with people from the target group of the project and relevant stakeholders. The results from the interviews have provided a deepen look into the findings from the desk research and fine-tune the teachers’ book.

The desk- research will cover the 7 countries participating on 4E project, named: Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Lithuania.

In order to do so, the research phase will try to identify the following issues:

  1. State of labour market for people +50 in 7 countries.
  2. Prioritize the most needed skills and existing gaps.
  3. Possible solutions or best practices in supporting people +50. 

With this, we seek a coherence among the different modules that will make up the teacher’s book and the training materials, at the same time that we will collect a wide variety of input from different perspectives and countries, ensuring that the posterior contents embrace a comprehensive and a real European approach.

On-Line Partner Meeting June 17, 2020

The partnership decided to hold an on-line meeting on June 17th as there is still uncertainty on how the situation develops and if it is going to be possible to arrange a scheduled transnational project meeting at the end of July in Spain. The restrictions for the travels, and a small number of scheduled domestic flights make it hard to travel to Vigo for the meeting. The partnership agreed to postpone the meeting until second half of September. The date is to be decided shortly after the meeting.

In spite of the current situation the partners have worked extremely well on their assigned tasks and completed the interviews with the target groups – the employees and the ones seeking employment as well as the stake-holders. The results of the intreviews and the reports will soon be summarised and integrated in the project outputs.

The partnership is now starting to work on the Teacher’s book by finalising the structure and splitting the tasks. The goal is to have it finished by November 2020 with the follow-up on the progress in September.

Have a safe summer!

1st Partner Meeting in Haparanda, Sweden

It was amazing to get the whole 4E Partnership to Haparanda on the border of Finland and Sweden and almost at the polar circle for the first Transnational Partner Meeting. It was a short but efficient meeting where we have agreed on how we proceed with the project, what the tasks and responsibilities are until the next partner meeting that will be hosted by Metodo in Vigo (ES).

Svefi is going to start researching the the target group’s situation. Svefi is a folk school which started in 1973. A folk school is a liberal adult education and most of our participants are 18 and older. We offer education in Art, Performance, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Sound Engineering, Sound Engineering for Visually impaired, General course, Music etc.