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desk research

During phase 1, the partners carry out a desk research covering the labour market situation, labour market needs and analysis of the situation of older adults in the respective country. During this phase we During we will collect and summarise materiasl necessary for the Teacher’s book and Training Material that will be produced within IO1 and 2.

IO1 Development

 The teacher´s book will be focused on the ways of educating the citizens 50+ and will encompass the exchange of best practices among the project partners. The training material is the second part of the methodology based on the results of the research. The training material will encompass the methods of training the citizens 50+, their competencies and skills.


IO2 will result in the completion of the Methodology of providing education to the citizens 50+ based on the exchange of experiences and best practices among partners, on the findings of the
market research and on the results of the pilot sessions. The content will be translated into partner languages.

multiplier events

Every partner country will arrange multiplier events to demonstrate, evaluate and test our project outputs involving the target group, education providers and stakeholders to receive valuable feedback and .


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Training Material (Output 2) is ready!

Training Material (English) Training Material (Czech) Training Material (Greek) Training Material (Hungarian) Training Material (Italian) Training Material (Lithuanian) Training Material (Spanish) Training Material (Swedish)

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4E background

A short description of why we implement this project and what we would like to achieve

The project aims to improve the skills of workers over the age of 50 and, above all, to acquire new digital knowledge relevant to future potential employers.

Ln today’s modern and rapidly evolving society of the XXI. century, we are confronted by a situation in which Europe has to face demographic changes. The main themes of the Europe 2020 strategy were, therefore, issues related to extending a productive working life, active old age or social cohesion.

The innovative 4E project comes up with a possible solution to the major issue of today – the increasing percentage of unemployed workers over the age of 50, for whom it is very difficult to orientate and find employment in the current European labor market.  This issue is accompanied by many stereotypical prejudices regarding declining productivity, inability to adapt to the latest technology which in many cases leads to forced abandonment and exclusion from the working environment. 

The main objective of the project is to increase job opportunities and strengthen the position of older workers in the labor market. The whole concept is based on the exchange of experience and long-term practice between private and non-profit organizations, which through the development of a new methodology and the entire training module, prepare and provide the key requirements or demands required by the current European labor market.  The methodology will be freely available in its online version and translated into eight European languages. The new training module establishes a stable platform for other organizations or training centers that would continue this project, increase the skills of workers over the age of 50, change their perception in the labor market, and provide inspiration for a broad social stratification.

erasmus +



opportunities for elderly



Seven experienced organisations from different parts of Europe


Our partnership represents a variety of organisations from different corners of Europe

FM Consulting (FMC) was founded in 2007 and immediately after its establishment the organization has become a key provider of consulting and training for a wide range of clients.specializes in less usual services on the market, such as providing education in the field of information and communication technologies with a use of the latest technology and teaching methods. It also specializes in projects focused on know-how and transfer of good practice in education with international overlap. FMC lays stress on a perfect training of its employees and associates. This gives the company a strong team of qualified and customer-oriented employees who have extensive experience in private, public and non-profit sphere.

FM Consulting

Método is a leading e-learning innovative solutions and consultancy SME for advanced services in training, social labor research, design and implementation of projects. We have offices in Spain and Romania. Our main expertise area is training for employment, especially through e-learning mode, on which we are pioneers and leaders in Spanish market, although we also provide other training modes such as blended learning or traditional classroom training. We have implemented more than 30 EU innovative projects under different frameworks such as ERASMUS+, Leonardo da Vinci, Interreg and Cross Border Cooperation.



VšĮ ”Žinių kodas” (“Knowledge Code”) main focus is to educate society and spread the message of knowledge that would help to reduce social exclusion and to enable all members of our society to active participation in the labor market. Therefore, “Knowledge Code” is running a Leisure Academy for social integration of elderly, long-term unemployed, disabled and other persons belonging to vulnerable social groups. “Knowledge Code” supports volunteering and internships as a way to gain valuable experience for further careers. We have established career portal www.karjera.eu  to ensure that all the relevant information is provided on one platform. We run a Training Center PRO (mokymaiPRO.lt), which is offering different type of courses.

Ziniu Kodas

Università delle LiberEtà is a Lifelong Learning Centre that deals with adult education and training. It’s a cultural and educational resource for the local community, proposing initiatives  and contributing to local community’s achievements by means of innovate teaching and learning methodologies.
Università delle LiberEtà organizes almost six hundred courses per year, with more than 120 teachers for about 3500 learners, in different areas such as culture and tradition, ICT, foreign languages and civilizations, psychological and physical well-being, artistic and craft workshops.
Since 2000 Università delle LiberEtà began to expand its educational and cultural reality throughout Europe. It was considered important to take a perspective leap.


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From here you will be transferred to the materials project will produce:

Czech Republic:  fmconsulting.cz
Greece:  action.gr
Hungary:  trebag.hu
Italy:  polytropos.it
Lithuania:  www.ziniukodas.lt
Spain:  metodoformacion.com
Sweden:  www.svefi.net
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Haparanda, Sweden

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